Nathalie Chapuis Fabrics




… Old vinyls randomly laid out on a shelf, an eccentric and warm bar, a cocktail armchair covered with a psychedelic fabrics a touch of anachronism; Wild and Imploring Blues, or a country tune from the 60’s, vibrations, enraged drums, transgressions of vanished times; Roy Liechtenstein, Rosenquist, Pop Art, Robert Delaunay, Poliakoff, shapes and substance; A gospel hymn, transcendency, abandon; Exoticism of novelty, a surprising journey, remote cultures, fantasized scenaries; Cold dawn on a white frosted field, the curves of shades in summertime, the poetry of a flower, pure and authentic happiness; The legacy of Time. Fulfillment. Life. 



Having always been driven by drawing and painting, I imagine my patterns as pieces of Art which define, personalize and magnify the spirit of a given place. From my travels I retain images, palettes of color, voices, atmospheres, which feed my creativity as time goes by. I am attracted to the unknown, curiosities, new horizons, and the ecstasy of discovery. But also, far from the noise and continuous movement, there is my natural need to go back to my roots, a comfortable cocoon, a countryside, peace, an escape vital to the need for freedom, and the renewal of authenticity. My fabrics are designed from each of these elements.



The project started in May 2016, when a conjonction of circumstances and a deep intuition proved as an evidence that this had to happen. The turning point. Before that, I had found myself in several occasions as a project manager in the Art field: Exhibition in New York, creation of “Spot Gallery” in Paris. As an artist I participated into some exhibitions, trained on comics drawing, created oversized oil compositions. As a deco fan, I invented many different sceneries mostly featuring folklo retro 60s atmospheres.

As a textile designer, inspired by passion, I create patterns. They are colorful, expressive and eclectic. In 2017, I finalized my first 3 collections across 70 fabrics. Then I started to think about home accessories to be made with those fabrics. In April 2018, I started to advise interior design projects centered around fabrics.  In February  2019, I opened my website. One year later I am inaugurating my Studio at 14 Chemin de Normandie. I am constantly working on developments to create new patterns and apply them to different materials.