Nathalie Chapuis Fabrics



Adaptation of a design


The fabric is designed from the drawings in the 5 pattern collections. In the process of customizing the fabric for your project, three parameters can be adapted: First, the scale of the design. Whether the fabric is to be used for a 5cm watch case, or a 7m wall mural, the design is scaled to fit the final object in size and proportion. Furthermore, the colors are defined in accordance with the color chart provided by the architect or with the tones already present in the room.


Finally, the support is the primary subject which must be chosen according to technical constraints (fireproof, blackout, outdoor, upholstery, curtain) and aesthetic constraints (natural, synthetic, fine or textured material). These three parameters will be adapted to give you a material which matches your exact needs.

Zoom: The same pattern applied in small size gives an overall view of the whole repeat, while a pattern zoomed in on gives a less figurative feel.


Optical effect: the perception is not the same from far or near. Beyond the desired effect.


End use: A design for a jewellery box doesn’t have the same scale as a wall paper.


Placed or random pattern: It is possible to choose the place on the furniture where the pattern will be intentionally placed. On the other hand, a pattern occupying the whole width of the fabric allows you to place it on 3 armchairs side by side, which will then have the same fabric, the same pattern, but a unique aspect for each one.


The scale is an important element which determines the final appearance of the design.

Choice on pre-printed color chart: To save time in the decision making process, we provide printed color charts on most of the materials we offer. You can choose from 150 shades, with subtle variations and gradations.

Color research: Create your own color chart, with a thematic search for blues, purples, oranges, etc., to obtain the palette of harmonies you are looking for on the chosen support. With variations of brightness, depth or transparency, many chromatic effects are possible for the same project.

Matching references: Would you like to match paints and fabrics? We can provide you with Farrow & Ball, Ressource, Pantone and NCS color charts. The print shop can find the color you want to reproduce on the fabric on a sample basis.


The choice of custom-made fabric is above all the choice of colors!

Natural materials: Cotton, linen, linen/cotton blends, thin, thick, upholstery quality or curtains, white or natural, we offer you the possibility of custom-made fabrics with refined patterns in sought-after and timeless textures.


Synthetic materials: Digital printing on synthetic materials is incomparable in terms of colour fastness and vibrancy. Polyester or acrylic fabrics combine the strength of the material with a woven look twhich mimics natural textures, velvet or canvas.


Technical materials: flame retardant, outdoor, blackout, waterproof, crease resistant, wide width. Thanks to our extensive network of suppliers we can meet your technical specifications for a perfect execution of your textile projects.


An infinite range of solutions to meet the technical constraints of your projects

Add artistic value with unique designs to reinforce the identity of your place or project. Innovative fabrics which offer the inspired creativity of Nathalie Chapuis’ universe – Pop, retro, rock, artistic, natural – and the technical characteristics in the material of your choice.