Nathalie Chapuis Fabrics


Custom-made design

The ultimate luxury: Get something which does not exist yet, however which will be made only for you? Artistic creativity is the essential tool to offer your customers an exclusive product, a new aesthetic, a way to differentiate yourself.


By drawing our inspiration from your project, from a place, from your aesthetic and cultural universe, from your values and references, we offer you the creation of customised designs. Specifications, brainstorming, moodboard, we use different media to share our ideas with you, in order to best meet your expectations.


Taking into account your project as a whole, we adapt the design to the support for which it is intended: upholstery fabric, wallpaper, curtains, armchairs, for a tailor-made application. The choice of colours is also an integral part of the process, and is determined following the same process to guarantee you a result which meets your expectations.

Add artistic value with unique designs to reinforce the identity of your place or project. Innovative fabrics which offer the creativity inspired by Nathalie Chapuis’ universe – Pop, retro, rock, artistic, natural – and technical characteristics in the material of your choice.