Nathalie Chapuis Fabrics


The Escape collection has emerged from the feeling of captivity which suddenly annihilated our hectic freedom. The desire to emancipate from confinement. The visceral need to get out of inertia, the urgency to come back to life. DEFIBRILLATOR. Explosion. Escape.

To illustrate this electroshock, the new designs stage disintegrated geometric shapes. The repositioned fragments create a new visual identity. In “Prison Break” the square cracks randomly. In “Balloon Explosion” it is a circle which bursts like a balloon and reveals new contours. At each incidence the original design melts into a new reality. The third theme, “Guns in the Sun”, is part of a much more tragic dimension of the destitution of liberty. The instrument of violence is transformed into a poetic sunset or a joyful dance. Looking back, should we keep a sense of what really is slavery?

The colors are sharp and vivid, intense and expressive. They are duos in a palette inspired by Pop Art.

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