Nathalie Chapuis Fabrics

Shapes & Colors

Patterns in rhythm and Vibrant harmonies

The style is simply the visual expression of combined inspirations. It is translated into shapes and colors.

A true graphic eclecticism, the drawings in the Nathalie Chapuis collections are geometric, organic, abstract or figurative.


Sometimes it is a totally random gesture which guides the pencil, like graffiti. In other cases, lines are studied precisely from an initial underlying pattern from which several figures emerge.


Always in rhythm, integrating the notion of “repetition”, the drawings intertwine in their own way to become patterns.


Sometimes small, sometimes XXL, they become the starting point, as a raw material to create decorations.



At the center of the creative process, they are sometimes the starting point of the drawing.

The Nathalie Chapuis style is formed of rich palettes, varied and original harmonies, contrasts, vibrant combinations, bright or soft colors.


In the “Leopold” collection, the primary colors – blue, red and yellow – are in the limelight; In the “Natural Graphics” collection, more subtle tones are expressed in water greens, “bleu canard”, ochre, coral and camel.


A particular work on duets, inspired by the pop art movement, testifies to the influence of painting in the proposed collections.