Nathalie Chapuis Fabrics

Bespoke Fabrics

Edition of bespoke fabric in Switzerland and

France for hotels, architects, decorators.


From the design concept to the manufacturing process, treat yourself to the luxury of a fabric made to measure especially for your project. Choose the design that matches your concept, the colors that match the project, and the technical support that suits: digital printing, screen printing, embroidery, weaving, wide width, flame retardant, blackout. For curtains, seats, benches, wall decorations, draw on the rock, pop, retro inspiration of Nathalie Chapuis’ universe to make your creations unique.

Discover the different techniques of fabrics manufacturing

Explore the different manufacturing techniques that allow you to get the right outcome for your project. Do you need a strong technical material for a hotel curtain? Then we recommend you opt for digital printing on a flame retardant polyester suited to the appropriate standards. A collection of plaid for a cottage project? Choose a woven, washable and cosy material.

customize the design to match your technical needs

The diversity of materials – natural textures, cotton, linen – technical materials such as flame retardant polyester, outdoor fabrics, blackout fabrics are possible supports for the realization of a unique decor while complying with the project requirements. Choose the color which matches to the project’s color & graphic moodboard and resize the design.


Add artistic value with unique designs to reinforce the identity of your place or project. Innovative fabrics which offer the creativity inspired by Nathalie Chapuis’ universe – Pop, retro, rock, artistic, natural – and technical characteristics in the material of your choice.