Nathalie Chapuis Fabrics

Creation of fabrics and textile projects in Geneva


She conceives her designs as paintings which dress, define and enrich the atmosphere of a place. From her travels, she retains images, colour palettes, voices, and atmospheres, which feed her creativity over time. She loves the unknown, curiosities, new horizons and the excitement of discovery. Far from the noise and the permanent movement, there comes a natural desire to recharge her batteries, a familiar cocoon, the countryside, the calm, a necessary outlet for the feeling of freedom. Authenticity rediscovered. From these elements emerge her fabrics.


In her studio you can find her creations, designs, patterns, fabrics, as well as many sources of inspiration, textures and colours. She is continuously working on the development of new designs, diversification of supports to offer unique products to a professional clientele – hotels, restaurants, bars, architects, public spaces – as well as collaborations with furniture brands.


West Village, old vinyls randomly laid out on a shelf, an eccentric and warm bar, a cocktail armchair covered with a psychedelic fabric; a touch of anachronism. Wild and imploring Blues, or a Country tune from the 60s, vibrations, enraged drums and transgressions of vanished times; Roy Liechtenstein, Rosenquist, Pop Art, Robert Delaunay, Poliakoff. Colors, shapes and substance; A Gospel hymn, transcendency, remission. Exoticism of novelty, a surprising journey, remote cultures, fantasized sceneries; The cold of dawn on a white frosted field, the curves of shades in summer time, the poetry of a flower, pure and authentic happiness. The legacy of time and transmission. Fulfilment. Life.


The origins of Nathalie Chapuis’ creations go back a long way.

Her passion for drawing and painting was born in her childhood, starting at the age of 5, developing her skills thanks to the guidance of the same teacher for more than 10 years who transmitted to her, beyond the techniques, the emotions of art. Continuing her creative journey without interruption, she explored different fields: sewing, decorating her student flat with psychedelic fabrics, drawing comics. Her 6 month stay in Nashville, Tennessee in 2005 was a time of new musical impulses. In 2006 she moved to New York, where the effervescence continues to offer her a new field of possibilities. She gathered French artists around her and participated in several exhibitions, as an artist and curator. Back in Paris, she launched Spot Gallery with a friend, an ephemeral art gallery.


Having followed an academic path in parallel (Sciences Po Bordeaux, then the Finance industry), she left this world, strengthened by many learnings and without bitterness. Landing in Basel in 2016, she understands that this is a turning point. She starts to draw patterns for fabrics; truly self-taught and passionate, her work results in a few months in 3 first collections, more than 30 drawings, a bubbling explosion of her creativity nourished since always. In August 2019 she moved to Geneva and created Nathalie Chapuis Fabrics. One year later she opens her studio, located in the centre of Geneva.