Nathalie Chapuis Fabrics

Technical solutions: blackout fabrics, outdoor, fire retardant

We offer you a fully integrated product, from design to manufacture. In an innovative way, we propose “applied creativity” which consists in carrying out the artistic research work using the technical realization of the product as a starting point. We integrate the regulatory and practical constraints of the finished product: fireproof, outdoor, blackout fabrics, and all the ranges of the so-called “technical” fabrics.


Regulations differ from one country to another, from one region to another, and not all players are subject to the same requirements in the world of “contract”. We have developed a network of suppliers whose technology enables us to offer you a fireproof/non-fireproof fabric or wallpaper which complies with European standards (M1), as well as with the standards of the Canton of Geneva, by carrying out the appropriate tests aiming a 5.2 or 5.3 ranking.


tissu à Genève Nathalie Chapuis non feu uni imprimé

Hotels, restaurants, public places, night clubs, you can find printed fabric or wall coverings with customized designs which comply with the regulations, as well as plain matching fabrics in seating quality, curtains, wallpaper or other.


Outdoor fabric technology combined with a customised pattern. For your gardens, terraces, balconies, play with originality with outdoor fabrics in bright colours and exclusive patterns. It is sometimes easier to be imaginative in nature, than inside the house! Whether it is a simple water-repellent fabric or the most advanced technologies, our suppliers and partners allow us to offer you one stop for suited material from the design to the technical tests. Our extensive network gives you the flexibility to order small quantities as well as industrial production for more global development projects.


These fabrics, also known as “black out”, do not get much press when it comes to aesthetics. We offer you the opportunity to bring creativity to your projects, using the materials we offer with different aspects: glossy, matt, textured. For curtain projects or public places we offer printed fabrics in large/very large widths. We will guide you in your choice to achieve the desired result, for example by taking into account the variation between obscuring or “dim out” fabrics which are less effective than pure blackout fabrics. Finally, it is possible to combine blackout and non-fire.


Soundproofing, insulating, recycled, purifying, wide-width fabrics, our suppliers have developed advanced technologies, especially in the world of “contract” to meet the requirements public places, hotels, restaurants in terms of security policies.

Add artistic value with unique designs to reinforce the identity of your place or project. Innovative fabrics which offer the creativity inspired by Nathalie Chapuis’ universe – Pop, retro, rock, artistic, natural – and technical characteristics in the material of your choice.