Nathalie Chapuis Fabrics


Pictural Art, Music, Nature

“My designs are organized in rhythm, orchestrated to suggest movement, whirlwind, energy.”


Whether in the Nashville, Tennessee collection explicitly or in the rest of her drawings, Nathalie Chapuis has always been inspired by musical influences, as eclectic as rock, blues, soul, jazz or classical music.


Carried away by the notes, the sounds and the atmosphere, she drew on her American experience – Nashville, then New York – for endless vibrations.


“The 1960s/70s are for me an era of reference, for their codes, their aesthetics, their music, but also their transgressions and rebellions.”


Vintage furniture, artists, painting, fashion, designers are a rich source of references from which she draws inspiration for the colours, shapes and pop aspect.

Rosenquist, Liechtenstein, Sonia Delaunay, Warhol are all emblematic figures whose works, through their chromatic, technical or philosophical interests, open up the field to new readings in the light of the current era.


“The exoticism of novelty, unusual travel, distant cultures, fantasized landscapes offer many opportunities to awaken our senses, to push the limits of our knowledge and experience, through immersion in other worlds. The sensation of having several lives.”

Nature is an insatiable source of ideas, whether it is organized, such as the fields (“Vu du Ciel” motif) or spontaneous nature filled with random phenomena, which form abstract graphic pictures.


The peaceful or agitated atmosphere, 
changing with the hours of the day, water, rain, flowers, shadows, are a sensory abundance whose observation gives rise to multiple graphic interpretations.




“The freshness of dawn on a dewy white meadow, the pattern of shadows in summer, the poetry of a flower, pure and authentic happiness.”