Nathalie Chapuis Fabrics

Innovative patterns and customized decor creations

Dive into the artistic and creative world of Nathalie Chapuis. Collections of drawings, custom-made furnishing textiles, rugs, cushions. Find the element that will make your home unique. Professionals of decoration, architects, hotels, restaurants, entrust us with the realization of your custom-made textile projects. France/Switzerland, we offer you the possibility of combining technical requirements – fireproof – with aesthetics by imagining customized and high-end decorations.

Creations : Designs, fabrics, accessories

Discover the products, the 5 collections of designs, the concept of custom-made fabrics with choice of support and colour, or the ready-to-use accessories: rugs and cushions, made from the designs in the collection.

Projects: Custom designs, innovations and technical fabrics

Customers looking for both creative and technical solutions, let us know your needs for customised products to differentiate you with unique designs in accordance with local standards.

Inspirations: Themes, colours, shapes, textures

Let yourself be carried away by the universe of the designer, the influences of music, art and nature; discover the shapes and colours that characterise her style, and enter the Studio to be nourished by harmonies and sensations for a personalised decoration.