You’d have to go back in time to understand the universe of Nathalie Chapuis.


You would have to go back in time to understand the universe of Nathalie Chapuis.

Her passion for drawing and painting was born in childhood through learning not only techniques, but also the art emotions. Through creative research, exploratory trips and artistic discoveries, she matured her style through different projects, in parallel to a more academic course. Her arrival in Basel in 2016 marked a turning point: she used fabric as a means of expression, and in a few weeks finalized her first 3 collections with more than 30 designs, a bubbling explosion of her creativity nurtured from the beginning. Her designs are paintings which dress, define, and enrich the atmosphere of a place. Music, modern and contemporary art, her travels, her curiosity, her taste for the eccentric are all insatiable sources of inspiration.


In August 2019 she moved to the French speaking area of Switzerland and opened her studio in Geneva, where you will find her books, drawings, patterns, fabrics, papers as well as textures and color palettes. She is continuously working on the development of new designs, the diversification of supports thanks to a network of manufacturers in Switzerland and in Europe, to put her aesthetic and technical know-how at the service of a professional clientele – hotels, restaurants, bars, architects, public spaces, offices – as well as through collaborations with furniture brands.