A collection of inspirations, knowledge and stories which make up the universe and know-how of Nathalie Chapuis Design.

How it all starts with Color.

In the framework of the Design Days in Nov. 2023, I had the chance to talk about my approach of Colors, in collaboration with L’Upcyclerie.

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Hotels: New paradigm for Geneva?

The Hotel industry in Geneva: My experience of how it is changing and the challenges in a Post COVID economic paradigm.

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Overview of a multi-faceted color, long non-existent or subject to many prejudices. Denied.

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A hidden treasure in Glarus

In 2022, I had the chance to collaborate with Horgenglarus. If you don’t know that name, you have probably come across them anyhow…

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The eye-catching design: Seducing the visitor

Isn’t the souvenir of a scene above all emotional? I keep in mind the memory of places which made me shiver.

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