Staging unique designs to create strong identities


Staging unique designs to create strong identities: Immersive Design

With the aim of creating differentiated, attractive spaces, we offer tailor-made designs and artistic interventions to stage the DNA of a place: hotels, restaurants, office spaces, boutiques, medical offices, hospitals, urban ensembles. We offer a range of customizable materials for all surfaces (walls, floors, ceilings, facades) from design to installation. Our immersive sceneries enable us to stage our customers’ concepts through original artistic proposals, creating a new user experience and thus increasing the visibility and desirability of the venue, making it more competitive, elegant and unique.


From design conception to installation, we offer a high quality service to meet the individual needs of each client, through design and custom-made products dedicated to your project.

We create bespoke patterns & designs for the project, integrating color charts from the decorator, as well as all historical & cultural elements which are part of the place, in order to provide a proper and strong identity.

Our customers also have the possibility to adapt a design in collection among more than 70 models, choosing the material, the color, and the scale.

In order to best meet your expectations, we use different tools to share our ideas with you, such as moldboards and various simulations.

With a global approach and an integrated process from drawing to installation, we propose various adapted materials:

  • Printed: upholstery fabrics, panoramic wallpaper, curtains, rugs, carpets.
  • Cut material with the “puzzle” technique: isolation panels, linoleum.
  • Manufactured material: Woven fabrics, knotted or tufted carpets.

Thanks to our network of manufacturers in Switzerland and in Europe, we can respond with precision to the technical specifications of the project, respecting the regulatory standards.

  • Exclusive: Creativity at the center of the process
  • Artistic: The expertise of shapes and colors with a dedicated advice
  • Local: A network of specialized manufacturers around you
  • Trust: proactive project management from design to delivery
  • Professional: Expertise of regulatory frameworks
  • Sustainability: Integration of environmental concerns throughout the production chain
  • Flexible & Responsive