A hidden treasure in Glarus

In 2022, I had the chance to collaborate twice with AG Möbelfabrik Horgenglarus. This historic Swiss brand has been around since 1880 and has developed exceptional expertise in the manufacture of wooden chairs. Its iconic models have survived over centuries. Even without knowing their name, you could not miss their recognizable bistro chairs. Clear, elegant and balanced lines characterize these timeless models.

Behind Horgenglarus I also discovered a company with strong values: local production in the canton of Glarus, sourcing of wood from a family estate in the Jura since the 19e century. I was so surprised that many people, even architects, are unaware of the brand name. Against the current trend, Horgenglarus has not been driven by Instagram & ultra-marketing. This discreet elegance is what makes the charm of the brand, and gives their furniture this eternal beauty.


On April 27, the iconic wooden chairs and tables were displayed in a temporary showroom in the Qoqa HQ, along with two beautiful brands: Schätti AG Metallwarenfabrik and Kramis Teppich Design AG that I also had the pleasure to discover.