Color of the month: PINK!


It’s probably the holiday effect: the desire for fantasy, pink lipstick, raspberries, bougainvillea perspectives, rosé wine in the sand, pink-painted nails, Nancy Sinatra’s bikini worn Sugar-style, softness. Pink is the fire element in Fengh Chui. South, summer, heat.


Too girly or too kitsch? Pink is subversive.


Subversive because it had to fight to get independent from red, long considered a shade of the latter, a “half-color”.


Subversive because it got famous thanks to Louis XV’s mistress, under the name of “Rose Pompadour”, developed at the Manufacture Royale de Sèvres by Philippe Xhrouet.


Subversive because, looking back on the 60’s, the color block pink of shampoo ads probably contained a certain hint of sarcasm (or humor?) in the context of the outrageous sexism of the advertising of the time.


Subversive, finally, because PINK is PUNK as seen on the album covers of the Sex Pistols, Clash and Ramones, glamorous in contrast to the gray decadents of No Future.


In decoration, it’s commonly powdered, pastel or old-fashioned pink, but it’s even more astonishing in its provocative pop hue, a little probative touch which turns even the most ascetic décor into a ragingly desirable place.