The eye-catching design: Seducing the visitor

Isn’t the souvenir of a scene above all emotional? I keep in mind the memory of places which made me shiver. How can a raw, empty and silent space be expressive?

Alberto Giacometti said that “Drawing is the basis of everything”.

Ostentatiously exposed in the form of a fresco, a repetitive pattern, a giant canvas, I see DRAWING as a key element with the infinite power to bring walls and floors to life: by its curves it invites to dancing, by its repetitions it gives rhythm, by its colors it is charged with moods, by the artist’s hand it shares a tangible sensibility instantly.

When I get into a room, my first perception is of the walls, the floor, and the harmony of colors.

The drawing also carries values, messages, subjects. It gives the possibility to materialize a concept, to visualize an idea. Customized for a special purpose, it is a booster for interpretation. It gives access to a strong and committed identity for the brand, and a unique personality to the space.

No matter the support, as long as it suits the constraints of the place, the possibilities are numerous. What is drawn on it is key, in order for the visitor to fall in love.